NEXT PRESENTATION: 21st - 27th June 2017, Print Screen Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel
LENGTH: 4 hours
BY: Moreno Perna
CONSTELLATION: 3 loud-speakers, 2 human bodies, 1 manipulator

TOURING PERIOD: starting from June 2017

NONHUMAN-HUMAN is a sound installation created by Moreno Perna in 2014.

Inspired by other artists, such as Konrad Smoleński, Ariel Guzik and Miloš Tomić, he created a sensorial experience for the audience that work with sound coming from loudspeakers and sound from human bodies present in the exhibition space.


In the installation the loudspeakers take the source of sounds from the computer, but they play independently from each other, as if it was their own will. 

The human bodies are objectified and they obey to the inputs of someone else. They do not sing freely, but they can only reproduce sounds.

Moreno Perna attempts to conceptually swap the identities of the two, giving humanity to the loudspeakers and using the human bodies as mere instruments.


The sounds coming from the loudspeakers were recorded in a studio asking who took part in the installation as human bodies to improvise with their voices on various images. The result is an emotional journey through imaginative landscapes. In the installation, the track with the sounds was delivered by three different loudspeakers (same amount as the humans interacting in the piece) from different point of the track in order to create a chasing and looping effect and a ethereal atmosphere that could feel up the space.