PREMIERE: 29th June - 2nd July 2017 

WHERE: Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel (Intimadance Festival)
LENGTH: 22 minutes
BY AND WITH: Moreno Perna

RESIDENCY: Dansmakers Amsterdam
TOURING PERIOD: starting from October 2017

I want to investigate the most shared viral videos, GIFs, images on social platforms like Facebook, or on Youtube. 

I want to navigate that immense amount of material that is the Internet.

I want to enter the rabbit hole of this amazing wonderland.

I want to showcase the confusion that all this material give us, overload our brain, letting us incapable of digest it all and respond to it.

Cats are the totems of the Internet. The Twerk is the main dance language. Neologisms are invented everyday on Social Networks. Entire phenomena are born and have their own lives on the Internet. Vines, GIFs, viral videos, crossover images, Tumblr, youtubers, the llama from the Llama song, the Nyan Cat farting rainbows in a 8-bit space and many others live exclusively on the Internet.


If you like it or not, this wonderland is part of our lives and, at the same time, a part of us is inside this imaginative, fantastic, magical and crazy world. 

That part of the Internet that is made of images and videos has its own rules and its own weird logic.

How can we react to this sea of visual information? How can we communicate at all with it? What if the Internet was a person you try to make logic conversations with without any results but making you go crazy. 

Responding to all this amount of information will be my object. I’ll be the mediator between this ocean of information on the Internet and the audience. I’ll try desperately to make sense and communicate all of that to the public. 


21st October 2017, MINT Reality/Check, WORM, Rotterdam

23rd June 2018, You Better Move #5, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Amsterdam

21st September 2018, Seasoning Fall, UNITED-C, Eindhoven