To obey only intuition.

To understand only in part.

(Hilma af Klint)


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)


The starting point of this movement practice is the Aura: the colored emanation of the energy within us connected to the rest of the universe. The Aura and its experience can be described in limitless ways, as they are unique to each and every one of us.


Central in an Auratic Practice is a heightened sense and connection within and outside ourselves. The goal of this movement practice is to awaken the senses by enhancing the Auratic Potentiality in all of us. This practice is meant for dancers, performers and actors.


In the performing arts, a performer is seen to have a certain Presence or Aura when s/he is ‘in the moment’ (Allain & Harvie 2006, 193). The performer is notably focused, conveys charisma and has ‘a particular quality of concentration’. Auratic performers show a ‘strong engagement with themselves, their roles and/or their work’ (ibidem). Likewise, philosopher Walter Benjamin defines the Aura of a work as ‘its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be' (1936). This movement practice aims to train and strengthen our awareness of inner and outer space and direction.


However, Auratic Practice goes far beyond moving in sync with time and space, and aims for a higher spiritual level. Meditation and shamanistic practices will help us to enter an awakened space where intuition is the main source of movement creation. This sensitive space will be characterized by the sharing of energies, stories and practices. Within this new space, Aura in the spiritual sense, namely as emanation of the energy of the body in outer space, will form our guideline.


The skin functions as medium between inner and outer space. Inner space of the body is as empty as the space around, sharing an open quality. The inner mind and soul are brought closer to one another through a connection to space and the universe. The deepest inner space between atoms inside our body is the shared element between inner and outer space. Being empty inside means to be open for any possibilities. In this way, the body becomes a vessel for energies to enter and move through.


Chakras are understood as vortexes of energies in the body, connected to each other, the world and specific movement qualities. When chakras are isolated they tend to block and have a negative impact, influenced by their own demons. Within our research the connection to the heart chakra, symbolizing self-healing and openness, takes on a crucial position. The dialogue between or meeting of different chakras can generate infinite possibilities for movement and other research. We will work on each chakra, both as a specific area in the body and as a physical quality emanated. How can we open all chakras and channels, and use them as forms of movement initiation? How can we align our chakras and find an energetic and spiritual balance? How do we use all energies, within and around us? How can we translate Aura, as a projection of the combination of our different chakras, into movement? How do we make our body speak the spiritual secrets within us?


Let’s learn to see our Aura, feel our Aura, move from our Aura. We will learn, as dancers and performers, to connect with each other and the world through movement, magic and dance. 


(Text written by dramaturge Edith Cassiers)

Copyright © 2019 Edith Cassiers, All rights reserved