A Shamanistic Techno Ritual of Dance

"From ecstasy to bad trip, choreographer Moreno Perna and performer Rubanova show total dedication to the material: their bodies are propelled by forces greater than they can control and the audience is effortlessly carried away on their waves."
Theaterkrant, 7 Sep


5, 6, 7, 15 September 2019, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam Fringe Festival


26-27 October 2019, Theater de Meervaart (Amsterdam), ICKFEST

17 November 2019, CC Amstel, Double Bill ICK Artists

In Puglia, the land from his grandmother, magic is still alive. Moreno goes back to a spiritual perception of the universe beyond the rational: the body is seen as a vessel of the aura, and movement as the language of the spirit. In AURA, the ecstatic dance creates a charged atmosphere. Moreno Perna and Evgenia Rubanova perform a Shamanistic Techno Ritual that stimulates the audience to open their senses and enable catharsis. The auras of the dancers and of the audience connect. A feeling of magic, of communion arises.

For AURA, Moreno Perna collaborates with Amsterdam based Techno music label Immaterial.Archives (CYB and Elisa Batti) and with dancer Evgenia Rubanova, to create a powerful dance duet.

AURA is not only a performance, but it’s a research on a movement practice called Auratic Practice to be shared with other movers through workshops and, eventually, with the creation of a group piece. 


In AURA , the audience have the freedom to chose where to be and how to live the ritual experience.

The rose represents the space where only the performers can be.
As audience, you have the freedom to chose where to watch from:
• Inner Line: sitting on pillows on the floor (Yellow)
• Outer Lines: sitting on the chairs positioned on two outer lines (Green)
• Free Space: standing behind the chairs, joining the dance when needed and felt (Purple)
[It is possible to stand and go to the Free Space to join the dance, only if you sit in one of the outer chairs. If you sit on pillows, this is not possible.]

How you will experience the ritual depends by the choice you will make. You can create your own theatre experience.


CHOREOGRAPHY Moreno Perna, DANCERS Evgenia Rubanova and Moreno Perna, MUSIC by CYB (Immaterial.Archives), DRAMATURGE Edith Cassiers, TECHNIQUE Calysto Technics and Design, PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Carlijn Koppelmans 


ICK Amsterdam, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Vlaamse Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond, United-C Eindhoven

This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fond for the Arts)

and by Olland Buisman Stichting

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